Money Tips

Short on Cash?

How to Manage When Short on Cash

We all fall short on cash on a regular basis. And most of us do not have any savings to speak of, or not enough to handle things the way we want to. So what can we do when we are short on cash?

There are a surprising number of local grants available for some of your basic needs. Check out money-happy's website for that information.

Something not listed on Money Happy is the fact that most churches will try to assist members with emergency money for basic needs, or have bags of groceries available so you can save your dollars for other needs.

Plan to get bags of groceries for a few months (or longer) from your local church, or senior center (if you are older), or your county food bank so that you save your dollars for other things.

Click here for resources in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. We'll add links for other counties in the weeks and months to come.

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